Erin Reagan Character Trait Statistics

Erin Reagan Character Trait Statistics

Potter is nearly arrested by Commissioner Reagan for witness tampering, however Frank lets him off with a warning to ensure that him to avoid wasting face with his congregation. In Season 7 “Unbearable Loss”, Potter suffers a private tragedy when his teenage son, Michael, is murdered by one of many youths he as soon as sheltered; Frank consoles him, revealing that his son Joe was killed by a corrupt cop. This, along with Danny’s successful capture of the killer, softens a few of Potter’s bitterness towards the Reagans. He was an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn for twelve years before leaving to affix private apply in 2008. After Bureau Chief Amanda Harris was fired, McCoy was appointed the interim New York County District Attorney. This caused Erin to break off their relationship, saying she will be able to’t sleep along with her boss.

  • While he’s credited as the character “Frank Russo” in Season 1, his name is never truly talked about.
  • He was eventually promoted to Inspector and placed in charge of the fifteenth Precinct.
  • In season five, she is a high school senior getting ready for faculty; in season six, she is attending Columbia University, her mother’s alma mater, and graduates at the finish of season 9.
  • Instead of relationship, Erin concentrates on her job and her household.

She was saved when Frank came to see why she was late assembly him and in the end shot Reid. Later she was shot when a defendant, Raul Delgado, steals a courtroom officer’s gun, taking everybody left in the courtroom hostage. He tried to make use of her as leverage to escape the country but was shot by Danny who used their code phrase of “please don’t harm my family” which suggests hit the ground. Another time she started to note things in her apartment out of place or rearranged so she reported it to 911 to the annoyance of Danny.

Erin Reagan Is Still Thinking About That Promotion In Season 11

However, it’s also talked about that Frank doesn’t have many pals in the New York City Council, particularly after Danny’s arrest of city Councilman Tony Mancini , a former NYPD detective, for home abuse. Onscreen companions and siblings Vanessa Ray, Will Estes, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynahan convey the Reagan family to life. “I like mashed potatoes, however you can’t eat them for 4 hours and keep in shape,” she says of the Reagan household’s weekly dinner scenes, which may take hours to film.

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A younger police officer and up to date Harvard Law School graduate, Jamie is the youngest baby of the present New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan and his spouse Mary. Jamie grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with two older brothers, Danny and Joe, and an older sister, Erin. His protect quantity as a Patrol Officer was 60528, and as a Sergeant is 71181.

Household To The Rescue

The new Commander of the 54th Precinct’s Detective Squad, Lieutenant Dee Ann Carver is Danny’s strict, by-the-book boss who took over after Sgt. Gormley was transferred to 1PP. She is the adoptive mother of a child girl whose father dedicated suicide in entrance of her and Danny, despite their finest efforts to speak him down. Assigned to switch Detective Curatola in 2012, Detective Kate Lansing worked with Danny for almost three months. She transferred back to Internal Affairs after the arrest of Captain Derek Elwood , who framed Danny for possession of narcotics to be able to stop him from discovering his gambling problem. As a detective with the NYPD, Jackie carried a Glock 19 in 9×19mm as her responsibility weapon.

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